BreatheLess Walking

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BreatheLess Walking

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One of the biggest misconceptions we have when it comes to health is that "deep breathing" means better oxygenation.

You'll find many ***modern*** yoga teachers and meditation gurus believing that taking many big breaths will somehow "heal" your body.

But it doesn't work like that.

See, one of the most important and misunderstood elements of breathing that goes unnoticed is:


And when you breathe too much, you expel it!

Without it, according to the Bohr effect, the oxygen in your blood cannot be transferred into your tissues, causing what we call "tissue hypoxia".

"All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level"

Most modern people hyperventilate, expending too much CO2, needed for the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the tissues -- even when the blood is saturated with oxygen.

Here's an easy test you can do right now to find out if you're one of them:

  • Inhale as you'd normally do
  • Exhale as you'd normally do
  • Pinch your nose and start counting
  • The moment you feel slight air hunger or there's an involuntary contraction from your diaphragm, stop

That's called your CP (Control Pause) score. It was discovered by Dr. Buteyko and his associates. After testing 1000s of people, they created this stress-free test to determine proper body oxygenation and signs of tissue hypoxia.

There are 5 categories:

1. CP < 20 seconds: Potential for chronic diseases. Asthma, heart conditions, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, IBM, etc.

2. CP between 20-30 seconds: Most people belong in this category. Severe symptoms aren't present but your health might suffer. Lack of motivation, fatigue, needing coffee and naps all day, more likely to catch colds, insomnia, etc.

3. CP between 30-40 seconds: At this point, chronic diseases are slowly disappearing. If you take medication, you'll most likely reduce the dosage or completely forgo drugs. People report superb sleep, great mood, working-out comes naturally. 

4. CP between 40-60 seconds: Sleep requirements are dropping. Very high energy levels, there's a constant need to lift, run, and climb. Mental clarity and low-stress levels. High energy. High vitality. This was the medical norm in the past.

5. CP > 60 seconds: It's impossible for diseases to appear. You need little sleep while being able to work 12+ hours, unfazed. It's what humans used to feel like in the past and the health standard Dr Buteyko established.

It sounds too good to be true, I know.

At first, I thought it was the placebo effect. Let's just say that me and 100s of other people have been experiencing a very strong "placebo" effect for years...

If you have a control pause lower than 40, 30, or 20 (!), then you need to change this ASAP.

✅ High energy

✅ Reduced natural sleep

✅ Increased libido

✅ Efficient digestion

✅ ZERO anxiety

✅ Intuitive body awareness

Every 5-second increase, you'll feel A LOT better

Here's how the program works:

Based on the principles of Dr Buteyko, you'll do 3 different exercises that aim to adapt your body to the normal CO2 levels. You can do them throughout the day, running errands or going for walks.

The majority of people breathe x2-3 more than the medical norm... yet no one bats an eye!

Time to normalize your breathing.

If you buy this manual and you have questions, you can simply shoot me an email: breathrightly@gmail.com

Or DM me @ BreatheLesss 

P.S - "The Buteyko method is nothing short of life-changing"

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A complete guide to optimize your breathing.

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